Wchan Org is operating in the Ablakh Health Center which is owns by the Sulaimaniya Directorate of Health (DoH) and provided to Wchan Org for the purpose of running the Trauma Rehabilitation & Training Center.

I. Services Provided Through Center

Wchan's Trauma Rehabilitation and Training Center provides direct psychosocial services, medical and psychiatric care, emergency assistance and case management services to survivors of torture and trauma due to human rights violations from throughout Iraq. The main function of the Center is to provide comprehensive rehabilitative services with the goal of restoring the survivor's ability to re-establish family and community relationships, and recover the human potential damaged by torture. The immediate goal of torture treatment is to reduce symptoms of traumatic stress, prevent suicide, and treat existing physical injuries or illness.

Individuals seeking services will go through an intake process with a trained mental health professional who will gather information about the client's history of torture and trauma, and to identify the client's psychosocial and medical needs as well as existing support networks. The Center provides a range of mental health services including individual counseling, family counseling and group activities, medical services including primary care and psychiatric evaluations, and social services such as assistance securing government benefits or with transportation to the Center.

Following the intake process, individuals will be assessed based on various criteria to determine whether they qualify for services. On enrollment in the program, the Center staff will develop a treatment plan to address the psychosocial, medical and other needs of clients on a case-by-case basis. Eligibility for social services and legal advocacy in particular will be contingent on enrollment in the program.



Psychosocial rehabilitation services are provided by trained mental health professionals through individual, family and group counseling and by social workers to assist the survivor to reconnect to family, reintegrate into society, and find and maintain employment. The Center also provides access to specialized psychiatric assessment and treatment, as medication is often critical in reducing symptoms so that other clinical interventions can be successful.

Mental health services provided at the Center include:

Intake assessment
Psychiatric Services
Psychiatric evaluation and diagnosis
Providing psychoactive medications
Medication Management
Short-term interventions
Client psycho-education and normalization of symptoms
Family counseling and education
Relaxation techniques for anxiety and sleep problems
Specific mental health interventions
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Cognitive Processing Therapy
Common Elements Treatment Approach
Behavioral Activation
Group interventions
Group psychotherapy
Substance abuse treatment
Forensic evaluation
Medical Assessment (physical and psychological)
Medical Documentation

Social services provide at the Center include (contingent on enrollment in the program):


Assistance accessing public benefits for which clients are eligible
Employment assistance
Education assistance
Transportation assistance


Medical treatment for torture survivors consists of rehabilitative services for injuries, management of physiological effects of traumatic stress such as high blood pressure. Medical services include:


Intake medical exam
Primary health care services
Specialist services - if needed, clients will be referred to the Sulaymaniyah Hospitals or private hospitals/clinics for services not provided at the Center, including
Internal medicine and chronic disease management
Physical therapy

Emergency services at the Center include:


Crisis management and suicide prevention through individual and/or family crisis counseling and safety planning
Hospitalization (for medical or psychiatric emergencies)
Emergency housing assistance (for clients at risk of homelessness)
Family contact & communications


Trauma Rehabilitation and Training Center's second main function is training. Through this component, TRTC counselors continuously participate in training courses on different mental health interventions. These are almost always followed by supervision. The trainers are international experts in the field of clinical psychology with several years' experiences working with trauma cases. The Trauma Rehabilitation and Training Center is also connected to the Marjorie Kovler Center of Heartland Alliance for Human Needs and Human Rights. The Kolver Center is providing continuous supervision to Trauma Rehabilitation and Training Center clinical staff.

The clinical staff at the Trauma Rehabilitation and Training Center also providing wide range of trainings, workshops and educational seminars to a variety of professions. These include training professional psychiatrists, physicians, psychologists and social workers as well as students in these fields to gain experience working with survivors of torture and trauma. The Trauma Rehabilitation and Training Center is a site for internship for the clinical psychology students from Counseling Department of Koya University.

The educational seminars are conducted to variety community groups including but not limited to prisoners associations, women unions, students and teachers.


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